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Caronna Trial Blog-Day 9

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

Below are tweets from during Day 8 of the Joe Caronna murder trial in Shelby County Criminal Court. Caronna was found guilty of first degree murder by a jury Thursday afternoon.

MORE: Joe Caronna guilty of killing wife in 2008

5:11pm: Clara Murphy, mom of late Tina Caronna, talks to #FOX13News after guilty verdict @sarahbleau #caronnatrial

5:09pm: Family, friends celebrate after Joe Caronna found guilty of killing wife Tina 4 years ago @sarahbleau #caronnatrial

5:06pm: Media interview Todd Gray, Tina Caronna son, after Joe Caronna found guilty of killing wife @sarahbleau #caronnatrial

4:32pm:  A motion to appeal guilty verdict by defense will happen by Nov 30

4:13pm:  Clara Murphy to Joe Caronna: 'Why did you have to do it? I want to beat him over the head, pull his stringy hair out.'

4:10pm:  Clara Murphy: 'I am happy yet I am sad. Tina was in there with me.'

4:09pm:  Clara Murphy: 'Glad I am never going to see him again' #caronnatrial

4:06pm:  Joe Caronna found guilty, life in prison sentence for first degree murder of killing wife Tina Caronna

4:00pm:  Joe Caronna sentenced to life in prison.

3:59pm:  Guilty #caronnatrial

3:58pm:  Judge warns gallery not to erupt #caronnatrial; jury files back in

3:57pm:  Court called back in session, defendant enters. There are 10 deputies. Judge says jury had reached a verdict

3:53pm:  Awaiting defendant, awaiting jury

3:52pm:  Verdict has been reached

3:47pm:  A few extra deputies have entered courtroom

3:47pm:  Judge Ward enters courtroom as prosecution, defense enter

3:28pm: From @sarahbleau:  Todd Gray comforting a family friend. Incredible seeing his strength despite all this #fox13news #caronnatrial

2:26pm:  Prosecution team, friends, family of Tina Caronna form a prayer circle outside Judge Ward's courtroom 

1:31pm:  #caronnatrial jury at lunch until 2:15pm, then will start deliberating case

1:23pm:  Joe Caronna's fate is in hands of jury after they eat lunch. #caronnatrial stands in recess until jurors reach a verdict

1:20pm:  Jurors about to get #caronnatrial case, 4 juror numbers called who are alternates; they will eat lunch, then will deliberate case

1:18pm:  State: Don't trust Joe Caronna, but many people did. Tina trusted Joe and she lost her life. Do you trust Joe?

1:12pm:  State: John Bowers testified telling lawyer of Joe's admission, lawyer didn't believe him. Had to write DA Weirich

1:04pm:  State: Joe the flimflam man buys new Hummer, drives it to Tina's funeral, bought new Dodge Challenger soon after

1:01pm:  State: how many cars does a flimflam man need? Joe Caronna a king, needs a new queen, stalks Becky's daughter

12:57pm:  State: Joe Caronna the flimflam man almost pulled it off

12:53pm:  While state addresses jurors, Joe Caronna looking at older photo of Tina Caronna on screen

12:50pm:  State: Did Tina get into back seat of truck, pull up her shirt? Wrap herself in blankets, wedge herself? Commit suicide?

12:43pm:  Prosecution now talking to jurors about trust, trust in your memory, your common sense; don't trust Joe, he's a flim-flam man

12:35pm:  Court back in session after short break after state, defense gave closing statements to jury

12:25pm:  Defense ends closing statements; took nearly 90 minutes #caronnatrial, trial stands in short recess

12:23pm:  Defense says there were many things overlooked and not introduced by prosecution in this case

12:20pm:  Defense: He was grieving, distraught, he has different feeling of closure; Joe Caronna did not kill his wife

12:08pm:  Defense: If my client was dumb enough to kill his wife, should have fled right after; instead Joe stayed around for months

12:04pm:  Defense: John Bowers testimony is nothing more than self-serving baloney just to get him a reduction in sentence

12:01pm:  Defense: during autopsy they couldn't find scratches on face, no bag over head, no ligature bruising marks on neck

11:58am:  Bartlett PD didn't follow up on checking pawn shops for Tina Caronna jewelry

11:56am:  Defense: the state wants you believe Joe Caronna confessed to John Bowers to killing Tina Caronna

11:52am:  Defense: Prosecution said that despite John Bowers testimony, this is a circumstantial case

11:49am:  Defense in closing statements says prosecution has painted Joe Caronna as a Machiavellian Monster

11:45am:  Defense: you have to believe more that Becky Black was more than a friend with benefits

11:43am:  Defense: Bartlett PD said Tina Caronna's rings had no evidentiary

11:37am:  Defense: Det Martin of Bartlett PD didn't know where crime was committed, didn't search Caronna home, no value to me

11:34am:  Defense: stuff found on floormats in front right passenger of truck were not tagged as evidence by Bartlett PD

11:30am:  Defense: Jeff Cox didn't tell BPD about house camera when he was confronted in woods Oct 27 2008

11:28am:  Defense: Det Martin is a bull in a china shop; BPD didn't strip search Jeff Cox for evidence when he was tracking in woods

11:21am:  Defense: there are holes in Bartlett PD timeline theory, defense pointing out inconsistencies on Oct 25 2008

11:14am:  Defense: Joe Caronna was with Pat Hathaway between 1-4pm Oct 25 2008, someone driving truck on Brannick 3pm

11:10am:  Defense: Bartlett PD didn't talk to Coxes until early 2009, says BPD screwed up, timeline doesn't match their theory

10:57am:  Defense: tho state says Joe Caronna killed wife, a thief, Bartlett PD failed in their investigation into Tina Caronna case

10:54am:  State closing arguments took 40 minutes

10:53am:  State: Joe Caronna had motive, means to kill Tina Caronna #caronnatrial; defense to close now

10:51am:  State: Joe Caronna threw away Tina Caronna's bible, birth certificate instead of giving them to Todd Gray, Clara Murphy

10:48am:  State: Joe Caronna said her murder was gang related, but $30k in jewelry still on her, credit cards not used Oct 25-27 2008

10:45am:  State: Joe Caronna is a liar, Joe says Tina was killed by gang initiation, she was robbed; truck had no broken windows

10:31am:  State closing: Joe Caronna a deceiver, sends friends on wild goose chases Oct 25-26 2008

10:29am:  State closing statements: Joe Caronna has always called Tina Caronna, but 4 hours Oct 25 2008 didn't call to check on her

10:20am:  State: Tina Caronna was duped by Joe Caronna Oct 25 2008 believing of surprise closing of new home that never happened

10:18am:  State closing: Joe Caronna stole $$$ from friends, invested in $440k new house #caronnatrial; Joe killed his wife, put a bag over head

10:12am:  Closing arguments in #caronnatrial: state prosecution: Joe Caronna living 2 lies, had 2 affairs while married to Tina Caronna

10:03am:  Judge not finished with jury instructions, sets court in 5 min recess

10:01am:  Joe Caronna charged with 1st degree murder; lesser: 2nd degree murder, vol manslaughter, reckless homicide, criminally negligent homicide

9:40am:  16 member jury of 12 women and four men reviewing charges against Joe Caronna, read by Judge Ward

9:35am:  Judge reading instructions: jury must be absolute in verdict, Joe Caronna indicted on first degree murder, other charges

9:30am:  Court back in session from short recess #caronnatrial, jury back in, judge advises instructions to jury next 30 min, he will read to jury

9:23am:  Jury files out, court stands in 10 min recess; likely to follow closing statements, jury instructions

9:20am:  No defense cross examination of Todd Gray; judge: jury you now have heard all the testimony in this case

9:18am:  Todd Gray testifies seeing Avalanche pulled in by Joe Caronna, learned of his mom was dead Oct 27 2008

9:17am:  Todd Gray, Tina Caronna's son walks into court, sits in first row next to prosecution team, 1st time ever he sits in front row

9:16am:  Side note: Today, Nov 1 four years ago in 2008 was Tina Caronna's funeral, internment

9:15am:  RECAP: Both state prosecution, defense have rested their cases in #caronnatrial; defense rested Wednesday

9:07am:  Defendant Joe Caronna walks in, striped white shirt, tie, dark slacks; prosecution to call 1 witness for rebuttal

9:06am:  Good morning from Shelby Co Criminal Court Judge W Mark Ward's courtroom for #caronnatrial, court called into session

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