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Caronna Trial Blog-Day 8

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

After 28 witnesses were called Tuesday and Wednesday to defend Joe Caronna in Shelby County Criminal Court - 24 who testified in front of a jury - the defense team rested its case just before 6 p.m.

The defendant in this four-year-old case also took the stand in voir dire. Caronna said under oath that he would not testify, but if he did, he would have been cross-examined by the prosecution, would have likely answered any of the financial wrongdoings he is accused of.

Right before 6 p.m., the defense rested its case. The prosecution told Judge W. Mark Ward that they might present two additional witnesses in rebuttal testimony Thursday morning.

Closing arguments are expected Thursday morning by the prosecution and defense. Afterward, the jury will be given instruction and will be given the case to deliberate.

Court is adjourned until 9 a.m. Thursday.

Below are tweets from @myFOXMemphis on what took place during Day 7 of testimony in the Caronna murder trial.

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5:59pm: Closing arguments in #caronnatrial at 9am Thursday, jury leaves; judge: attorneys I want to meet you at 9am sharp

5:58pm: Jury files back into Judge Ward's courtroom #caronnatrial, the defense rests its case, judge says this case moved faster than expected

5:51pm: Court called back in session, attorneys suggest jury instructions to judge, jury not in court #caronnatrial

5:30pm:  After Joe Caronna testifies he will not testify, constitutional right, Rusty White said his team will rest their case

5:27pm:  Prosecution asks judge to call 2 more witnesses, short testimony Thursday, court in 10 min recess

5:24pm:  Joe Caronna said he will not testify

5:23pm:  Rusty White talks to Joe Caronna on witness stand, you have constitutional right to testify or not testify

5:19pm:  Vinson dismissed from witness stand, jury leaves, Joe Caronna takes stand

5:14pm:  Vinson recalls seeing Tina Caronna in Avalanche at end of driveway around 9-10am, Oct 25 2008, she left for homecoming event

5:07pm:  As jury files back into court, defense calls Erica Vinson, next door neighbor of Caronnas

5:02pm:  Defense ready to call final witness in #caronnatrial, court back in session

4:52pm:  1 more defense witness expected to testify in #caronnatrial; defense says they might ask defendant  to take stand on his behalf

4:44pm:  27 witnesses have been on stand for defense team in #caronnatrial, only 23 have testified before jury, 4 dismissed

4:39pm:  After several defense witnesses living on Brannick and noticing strange black truck Oct 25 2008, defense asks for recess

4:37pm:  Quon's husband Harris Quon noticed black truck Oct 25 2008 returning to Brannick home from fishing trip 8:15pm, didn't belong

4:34pm:  Mary Quon now on stand for defense, Brannick resident; recalls seeing black truck after coming home after lunch Oct 25 2008

4:29pm:  Next for defense to testify James Coleman, Baptist East Hospital, lived on Brannick Oct 25 2008 drove past Avalanche 3pm

4:25pm:  Stanley Myers in prosecution cross said he believed black truck was parked Friday Oct 24 2008 8:15pm, disagreement with wife

4:22pm:  Stanley Myers: called Bartlett PD Oct 27 2008 morning, asked to recite SUV license plate number, BPD says SUV reported missing

4:19pm:  Myers husband now takes stand, Stanley Myers; Stanley says he saw black truck parked in front of house 8:15pm Oct 25 2008

4:14pm:  Myers says her husband looked at black SUV Oct 25 2008, he called BPD Oct 27 2008 morning about SUV

4:09pm:  Myers: didn't see anything unusual around 4pm Oct 25 2008, shortly after 6pm saw black SUV parked in front of house

4:06pm:  After 1 hour recess, defense running through several witnesses in rapid fashion; now on stand Juanita Myers Brannick resident

4:04pm:  Poppy Underwood last talked with Tina Caronna Oct 20 2008 to set for party, Tina would get food to her house noon Oct 25

4:00pm:  Poppy Underwood, Memphis City Schools teacher, now on stand for defense; corvette club member recalls Oct 25 2008 club party

3:59pm:  Carly McLya testifies when she was 8 saw a black truck on Brannick 3pm Oct 25 2008 while riding bicycle as mom watched her

3:54pm:  McLya: saw blackish truck driving down Brannick at around 3pm Oct 25 2008 while daughter riding bicycle, talked to BPD Oct 29

3:50pm:  Carol McLya, lives corner of Elmore and Brannick, testifies watching her daughter ride bike around 3pm Oct 25 2008 saw truck

3:44pm:  Correction Roy Lemarr testifying, says woman did not move, in drivers seat of SUV; wife Darlene Lemarr testifies same account

3:40pm:  Lamont testifies he saw woman in SUV closer to Elmore near his house, woman with white, blondish hair 5:45pm Oct 25 2008

3:35pm:  Underwood excused from stand, next defense witness Roy Lamont volunteer emergency med tech was going to church Oct 25 2008

3:31pm:  Underwood testifies when interviewed by Bartlett PD during Tina Caronna homicide investigation, Det Martin called him a liar

3:27pm:  Underwood: my house, Struna house were hosts for Oct 25 2008 progressive corvette dinner, on same street cul-de-sac

3:25pm:  Underwood was to host part of corvette party Oct 25 2008; recalls call from Tina around 1pm Oct 25 2008 to drop off meat

3:22pm:  Underwood testifies he and Tina planned for Oct 25 2008 Corvette dinner; she was to get meat, liquor for party

3:18pm:  Jury back in, defense calls Joe Underwood, friends of Caronnas, VP of corvette club in Oct 2008 at time Tina vanished

3:16pm:  Judge calls court back from 1 hour recess. Defense called for recess as their witnesses were en route. 3-7 set to testify now

2:09pm:  No prosecution cross, Officer Lively excused as witness, judge puts court in 15 min recess

2:06pm:  Next for defense Memphis officer Bryan Lively, documents missing persons #caronnatrial, handled Tina Caronna missing report

2:02pm:  Derryman says in defense redirect Bartlett PD did not create diagram of Oct 27 2008 crime scene #caronnatrial, witness excused

1:58pm:  Derryman testifies under prosecution cross, was advising Bartlett PD Oct 27 2008, Memphis has more homicides than Bartlett

1:47pm:  Derryman: saw BPD supervisor Oct 27 2008 open Avalanche door without gloves on, reach in, grab piece of paper, set it back

1:37pm:  Next called for defense Marcus Derryman, Memphis police homicide, Oct 27 2008 was at Bartlett PD to process truck evidence

1:33pm:  Cabracsi tells defense under redirect he and wife live at storage facility, saw defendant Oct 23 or 24 2008, witness excused

1:30pm:  Cabrcsi knows defendant, he visited storage facility many times a week swap cars. Worked Oct 25 2008, did not see Joe Caronna

1:27pm:  No prosecution cross, witness excused; called to stand Angelo Cabrasci, maintenance worker at Summer-Elmore storage facility

1:25pm:  Benson: no floormats in Avalanche when pix taken Oct 5 2012, 1 photo shows trash, grass, shiny metal object in floorboard

1:20pm:  Benson testifies Oct 5 2012 pix are of Avalanche front, back floorboards, goes into detail what she found, shiny metal object

1:16pm:  Defense says they had no ill will, prosecution withdraws objection if defense doesn't surprise anymore, jury back in

1:14pm:  Prosecution objects to photos in defense possession Oct 5 2012, say in violation of rules of discovery, jury excused

1:12pm:  Defense calls Elizabeth Benson, investigator in Joe Caronna case, took pix of Avalanche truck in Oct 2012, jury excused

1:06pm:  Court back from lunch recess, awaiting jury to file in

12:03pm:  No prosecution cross, witness excused, court stands in lunch recess until 1pm

12:00pm:  Next on stand Linda Littlejohn, TBI crime lab tech, examined 2 pieces of duct tape, duct tape roll in early 2009 Nashville

11:57am:  After Watkins' crime scene log shown to jury, prosecution shows photo of where truck was processed at BPD, witness excused

11:47am:  Officer Watkins examines crime log he filled out Oct 27 2008 at truck discovery, submitted as evidence piece 100

11:44am:  Court back from recess, defense calls Bartlett police officer Charles Watkins, called out 8:30am Oct 27 2008 truck crime scene

11:24am:  No prosecution cross, Det Owens excused from witness stand, court stands in 10 min recess

11:20am:  Owens testifies Cox house surveillance video statements was March 7 2009, next day arrest warrant issued for Joe Caronna

11:13am:  Jury back in court, defense asks Owens if recalls talking with Jeff, Cindy Cox; Owens said he believed video was hour off

11:07am:  Owens reads aloud sections of BPD convo with Jeff Cox, defense wants to impeach Jeff Cox testimony, judge disagrees

10:48am:  Judge asks defense to show him inconsistency in 25-min transcript between Jeff Cox, Owens and Cox house video of Caronna

10:35am:  Det Owens: did not consider Joe Caronna as suspect in hours, days after Tina body in truck found

10:31am:  Det Owens recalls going back to Oct 27 2008 truck crime scene, detained Jeff Cox who was walking, searching in woods

10:27am:  March 2009 Jackson TN hotel pix where Joe Caronna was arrested shown to jury, Hot Tamales candy box on bed, gun on bed, laptop

10:16am:  Defense now showing jury Highway 64 Sam's Club surveillance video, Joe Caronna in video at 5:54pm Oct 25 2008

10:10am:  Owens testifying March 2009 Jackson TN events, apprehension of Joe Caronna at hotel, pix of pistol on bed, hotelroom pix

10:04am:  Owens examining picture of Avalanche passenger right front floormat, didn't swab items on floormat for DNA

10:02am:  Det Owens recalls processing truck, removing body in BPD tunnel with Shelby Co med examiner, 3 Memphis officers, his staff

9:56am:  BPD Det Owens recalls processing Oct 27 2008. truck crime scene, memory fuzzy how many staff were at scene

9:52am:  Also in evidence bag but not displayed Tina Caronna's bra and underwear; Owens recalls truck crime scene details

9:50am:  Defense pulls out from evidence bag jeans worn by Tina Caronna she wore when she died, Owens examines jeans with attorney

9:46am:  Bartlett PD Detective Owens recalls looking at Sam's Club surveillance video from Oct 25 2008; ID evidence bag from Avalanche

9:39am:  Caronna-Smith excused as witness, defense calls John Owen, lead detective in Tina homicide investigation

9:37am: Caronna-Smith: Defendant, Tina's son Todd, Lindsay Black instead attended Bears game Dec 2008 in Chicago

9:36am:  Caronna-Smith recalls Tina, Joe were to attend Bears game in Chicago Dec 10 2008 with her, husband, for Tina's birthday

9:34am:  Caronna-Smith recalls Tina, Joe were to attend Bears game in Chicago Dec 10 2008 with her, husband, for Tina's birthday

9:30am:  Caronna-Smith doesn't recall fights between Tina, Joe Sept-Oct 2008, Tina calls to her seemed excited to move into new house

9:26am:  Caronna-Smith testifies brother Joe was favorite uncle to her 2 kids, stepkid, spoiled them; Tina was very strong woman

9:23am:  Caronna-Smith: didn't see scratches, bruises, cuts on Joe Caronna's arms while she stayed at house after Tina found

9:22am:  Caronna-Smith: viewed with family Tina's body at funeral home, Joe, everyone upset, crying, sister stayed at his home

9:18am:  Caronna-Smith testifies she came into Memphis from home near Chicago Oct 28 2008, day after Tina's body found

9:16am:  Defendant in blue dress shirt, tie, grey slacks; jury files in, defense calls Jennifer Caronna-Smith, sister of Joe Caronna

9:10am:  Good morning, welcome to day 7 of the #caronnatrial, court called into session, defense to continue its case, gallery #packed in courtroom

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