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Caronna Trial Blog-Day 7

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

Below are tweets from @myfoxmemphis during Day 6 of testimony in the Joe Caronna murder trial. The prosecution called four additional witnesses, then rested their case.

After a motion by the defense to acquit was denied by Judge W. Mark Ward, the defense started to present their case. Of the seven defense witnesses called to the stand or examined for accuracy in related to this case, four were dismissed and will not testify on the defense's behalf in front of the jury.

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5:50pm: #FOX13News will be back in court Wednesday 9am for defense testimony in #caronnatrial

5:49pm: Defense confirms to @myfoxmemphis that Levitan, Teeters and Harris have been excused, will not testify to jury #caronnatrial

5:43pm: Judge Ward adjourns for day, court resumes 9am Wednesday

5:39pm: After Scholl says he's Bowers attorney of record, excused from stand

5:37pm: Scholl testifies his client John Bowers has not been offered a time cut per testifying Monday in #caronnatrial

5:33pm: Scholl: time cut is when person in jail, if they testify, cooperate could get reduction of sentence #caronnatrial; Bowers is his client

5:29pm: #caronnatrial jury asked to return, defense calls Shelby Co attorney Michael Scholl, also works in fed court, describes time cuts

5:21: Defense asking for ruling, line of questioning if Teeters, Harris testify in front of jury from Judge Ward

5:17pm: Winnig testifies out if jury she has never met John Bowers, confidential informant. 'I don't know anything about him'

5:11pm: Winnig testifies out if jury she has never met John Bowers, confidential informant. 'I don't know anything about him'

5:08pm: Davis excused, 3rd character witness called by defense is Brooks Winnig, Shelby Co asst prosecutor, to establish credibility

: Det Brandon Harris, organized crime unit, also testifying John Bowers' truthfulness without jury present

4:45pm:  Officer Teeters organized crime unit detective testifying validity, truthfulness of Louisiana inmate John Bowers, with no jury

4:33pm:  Davis excused, jury excused briefly, attorneys inform judge credibility of next 3 witnesses related to #caronnatrial defense

4:29pm:  Davis received prints to examine from Bartlett PD, exterior of car, unable to ID Joe Caronna prints until he was in system

4:24pm:  Jury back in courtroom, next defense witness Robert Davis, Shelby Co Sheriff, examines crime scene prints, latent prints

4:19pm:  #caronnatrial back from recess, defense says they will not put Levitan on the stand in front of jury; unclear if he will be back

4:03pm:  Judge Ward: I am tired of this and we need to move on; I will allow Levitan to testify, court in recess 10 min

3:56pm:  Levitan appears to be hard if hearing, cupping his right ear to hear from attorneys, even judge who is 6 ft from stand

3:51pm:  Judge wants to learn more, Levitan asked to return to stand, defense restarts questioning him on college, cellphone history

3:41pm:  Levitan excused from stand after 1 hour; defense, prosecution debate his resume, history related to #caronnatrial case with judge

3:38pm:  Prosecution grilling Levitan if he has ever been discredited by a jury, questions if he lied in court case in Ohio

3:19pm:  Tho Levitan has 31 years of telecomm experience, working with UN, airlines, BellSouth still working toward bachelors degree

3:09pm:  Prosecution grilling Levitan, tearing apart his resume, doesn't recognize something on resume, still working toward BS degree

3:04pm:  Prosecution to Levitan: are you an expert in forensic cellphone tech? Yes sir, but forensic cellphone wasn't done in this case

2:58pm:  Prosecution frustrated with Levitan, wants to know exactly what Levitan is an expert of, why defense says he's expert

2:55pm:  Levitan resume quite impressive, works with government, global biz, helped FBI create form of wiretap program

2:50pm:  Levitan credentials: writing tech manuals, 27 patents in network design, working with police in tracking cells for crime cases

2:43pm:  Court back in session, no jury, called for defense Ben Levitan, telecomm satellite comm cellphone expert since 1981

2:29pm:  Sidenote: since Day 1 of #caronnatrial, gallery watching trial unfold has been, continues to be hot ticket in Judge Ward's courtroom #packed

2:26pm:  #caronnatrial in 10-20 min recess

2:25pm:  Before being excused as defense witness, Gina Caronna says funeral home visit to see Tina was very traumatic for her

2:23pm:  Gina Caronna: Joe hysterical, family too Oct 27 2008 after Tina body found, Joe collapsed at funeral home seeing Tina

2:19pm:  Gina Caronna testifies Joe Caronna was great brother, great uncle, loved her kids, other sister's kids

2:16pm:  Gina Caronna testifies Tina Caronna was very outgoing, sister-in-law was life of the party

2:15pm:  Next for defense Gina Caronna, sister of defendant, sister-in-law to Tina Caronna, says Tina didn't like Becky Black

2:11pm:  Pat Turner testifies that she and Tina Caronna attended weight watchers, but there was no 2pm meeting Oct 25 2008 at location

2:09pm:  In prosecution cross Turner testifies Joe said Tina Caronna was to attend weight watcher meeting 2pm Oct 25 2008

2:07pm:  Pat Turner: Tina, Joe Caronna planned to cash in policy, some $$$ to be used for new home

2:03pm:  Pat Turner: Tina, Joe Caronna planned to go to casino Oct 24 2008 night, Sunday shop for furniture for new house

1:58pm:  Pat Turner: planned to attend Oct 25 2008 corvette dinner with Doug, he was prez of club, Tina was to be next club prez

1:56pm:  Judge Ward agrees to hear defense side, first defense witness Patricia Turner, wife of Doug Turner, jury files back into

1:51pm:  Defense explaining their witness list to judge, how they will relate to defense of Joe Caronna #caronnatrial, initial 4 defense witnesses

1:47pm:  Judge Ward overrules, denies motion of acquittal

1:45pm:  Defense says in light, Joe Caronna indictment should be removed

1:42pm:  Defense makes motion of acquittal in #caronnatrial, gives specific instances for motion, state theory doesn't hold

1:37pm:  #caronnatrial back from lunch recess, awaiting jury

12:25pm:  After quick defense redirect, witness dismissed. Prosecution rests case, 40 witnesses. Court in lunch recess until 1:30pm

12:19pm:  Crozier then knocks, says police! Joe Caronna: I have a gun! Crozier: so do I. Inside hotel room 9mm automatic found on bed

12:17pm:  Dep Crozier recalls getting hotel master key for room 208; room service check, Joe Caronna doesn't need room service

12:13pm:  Chris Crozier US Marshal deputy on stand recalls March 26 2009 involvement with Bartlett PD, fugitive task force in Jackson TN

12:09pm:  Tim Kellon testifies last time he saw Joe Caronna was in Feb 2009, no defense redirect

12:06pm:  Now on stand Tim Kellon, president of Kellon Insurance, said Joe Caronna had desk space inside his biz

12:03pm:  Becky Black testifies some of $50k was stolen, tho she saved a lot for nest egg for future time with Joe Caronna

11:54am:  Becky Black testifies she squirreled away $50k from husband Bruce who came home drunk with casino winnings, still has some $$

11:49am:  In defense cross Becky Black testifies she believed Joe Caronna would leave Tina, he asked Becky to split from Bruce first

11:41am:  Becky Black testifies to defense she did not have sex with Joe Caronna between Tina Caronna's disappearance, funeral

11:38am:  In defense cross Becky Black testified before Tina Caronna's death, she wanted Joe Caronna to leave Tina, he did not

11:28am:  After Becky Black reads the relationship list Joe Caronna wrote to her to jury, court in brief recess

11:23am:  After 2 tapes played for jury, Becky Black reads relationship list between Joe Caronna, Becky to jury

11:11am:  Joe Caronna admits on purse tape to Rebecca Black he had nothing to do with Tina's murder

11:03am:  Purse tape: Joe Caronna tells Becky to live in apt for 6 months, don't worry about $$$, we can cash in her $10k annuity check

10:57am:  Purse tape: 'the only thing that matters is you' says Joe Caronna to Becky Black, wants her split from Bruce, will wait

10:55am:  In Feb 2009 purse tape played for jury, Joe Caronna says police has suspects in Tina Caronna homicide, asked to view them

10:49am:  Purse wire face to face tape between Joe Caronna, Becky Black being played for jury from Feb 2009

10:44am:  Clarification: previous tape played for jury was phone call between Joe Caronna, Becky Black, 2nd tape played is purse wire

10:36am:  In tapes played in court Joe Caronna says he would do anything for Rebecca Black

10:35am:  In recording played in court, Joe Caronna says he unconditionally loved Becky Black, had perfect relationship with her

10:29am:  Face to face conversation between Rebecca Black and Joe Caronna played for jury, transcripts provided

10:26am:  Rebecca Black testifies she had Bartlett PD wire in purse, met Joe Caronna face to face, 3-pg transcript submitted as evidence

10:23am:  Rebecca Black testifies Bartlett PD DNA swabbed her, asked to record conversations with Joe Caronna, she did 6 calls

10:21am:  Rebecca: b4 leaving New Orleans 2009 cruise, calls Joe Caronna. He forcefully didn't want her on cruise, wanted to pick her up

10:18am:  Rebecca: called Joe Caronna Oct 25 2008 while driving thought she saw him walking, didn't meet, Joe had stuff to do

10:17am:  Rebecca: Joe Caronna was a Sunday school teacher, both attended Bartlett fitness center, had 10-year affair with Joe

10:09am:  Court back from recess, next witness called Rebecca Black, wife of Bruce, hairstylist, met Caronnas thru church

9:51am:  Defense cross examines Stephany, asking about t-ball when she was 4, Joe Caronna her coach, witness excused, court in recess

9:40am:  In defense cross Stephany says her sister set up twitter account to follow @myfoxmemphis, other media #caronnatrial tweets

9:36am:  Stephany testifies that Joe Caronna said there might be a suspect in Tina homicide at one of stores she shopped at

9:34am:  Stephany: recalls Joe Caronna saying to her it didn't matter who killed Tina Caronna, nothing can bring her back

9:28am:  Stephany: recalling calls, texts from Joe Caronna early 2009 while parents were on cruise, felt Joe was tracking her

9:24am:  Stephany: recalls Jan 2009 dinner at casino, said Joe Caronna urged, pleaded with Becky to not go on cruise with Bruce Black

9:23am:  After Tina Caronna homicide, Stephany had many awkward conversations with Joe Caronna, he bought her stuff

9:20am:  Stephany Black: relationship with mom got better afterward, last time she saw Tina Caronna alive was at 2008 Delta Fair

9:17am:  Stephany Black testifies she suspected mom Becky having affair with Joe Caronna, had strained relationship with mom in 2008

9:13am:  Correction, it's Stephany Black on stand in #caronnatrial, family friends of Caronnas, Tina called her daughter she never had

9:09am:  Called to stand will be Stephanie Black, daughter of Becky and Bruce Black, Joe Caronna in grey shirt, tie, awaiting jury

9:07am:  Good morning, welcome to Day 6 of prosecution testimony from #caronnatrial in Judge Ward's courtroom, court is in session.

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