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Caronna Trial Blog-Day 6

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

Day 5 of prosecution testimony of the Joe Caronna murder trial, being held at Shelby County Criminal Court in Downtown Memphis.

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5:10pm: 4 more witnesses will be called Tuesday before prosecution rests: Stephanie and Becky Black, Jim Kellen, 1 other

5:00pm: @myfoxmemphis will tweet with you Tuesday 9am for Day 6 of #caronnatrial testimony

4:59pm: #caronnatrial stands adjourned until Tuesday 9am

4:58pm: US Marshal Dep Davis testifies he picked up Joe Caronna and John Bower while they were in custody at 201 Poplar

4:56pm:  Court back from short recess, prosecution calls Jeffrey Davis, US Marshal western district of Tennessee

4:32pm:  Court in recess after Bower testifies to defense #caronnatrial, another witness en route

4:33pm:  Under defense cross Bower testifies he wrote letter to Shelby Co DA Amy Weirich earlier in 2012 with info about Joe Caronna

4:30pm:  Bower: Joe Caronna got into argument with Tina Caronna and he snapped, after killing her went to work on car with friend

4:26pm:  Bower testifies Joe Caronna told him in jail cell he goofed up and left her jewelry on

4:25pm:  Bower testifies Joe Caronna told him in jail he duct taped his wife, suffocated her, dropped her off and hitched a ride back

4:24pm:  While at 201 Poplar, Bower says Joe Caronna said he's charged with killing Tina Caronna, said he killed her, suffocated her

4:20pm:  Now testifying is John Bower, inmate in Louisiana, met Joe Caronna in jail holding cell at 201 Poplar Memphis in 2010

4:17pm:  Bean agrees with defense she only met Joe 2 times, in Aug 2006 at Chicago conf, at Tina's funeral, Bean dismissed

4:14pm:  Bean to defense, she hugged Tina into Chicago. Joe Caronna said you 2 should get a room, she had no idea why he said that

4:10pm:  Bean attended Tina Caronna's funeral, in defense cross she met Joe first time in 2006 Chicago conf

4:08pm:  Bean testifies has similar job as Tina Caronna, sales rep to bring in new biz; last saw Tina in Aug 2008 San Antonio conf

4:04pm:  Counsel seeks ruling on witness 35 testimony credibility that ties into adds to previous testimony. Judge allows, jury back in

3:59pm:  Next called is Karen Bean from Houston, Tina Caronna work associate, defense caught off guard of witness, jury excused

3:56pm:  McBride testifies in 6 years she knew what Joe Caronna looks like but couldn't make out man walking around 6:15pm Oct 24 2008

3:50pm:  In defense cross McBride testifies seeing a sharp dressed broad chested man walking on Elmore toward Summer dusk Oct 24 2008

3:45pm:  McBride testifies Joe just learned how Tina Caronna died, by asphyxia. He tells her it takes 4-6 min to strangle someone

3:38pm:  In Feb-March 2009, McBride, others cheer up Joe Caronna at Sidecar, says he is upset after visiting Tina's graveside

3:30pm:  McBride testifies Joe and Tina were to close on new house Oct 27 2008, Joe tells her Oct 24 2008 believes Tina having affair

3:26pm:  Court back in session, prosecution calls Dana McBride, work associate with Joe Caronna, Keller Insurance, knew Tina thru Joe

3:01pm:  No prosecution redirect, Postal Inspector Terry excused, court stands in recess

2:58pm:  Documents in green folder inside Joe Caronna Hummer had last will in testament, credit card debt, how much owed on house

2:51pm:  Inspector Terry testifies under defense cross several docs were recovered from inside Joe Caronna's 2008 Hummer

2:45pm:  After lengthy evidence submission of docs, defense questions USPS Inspector Terry, confirms search warrant was obtained

2:31pm:  Postal inspector testifies deposit was made into another bank account for Tina Caronna dated Nov 4 2008, days after death

2:29pm:  Postal inspector says annuity withdrawal of $30k for Tina Caronna dated Oct 15 2008, docs submitted has 2 diff Tina signatures

2:18pm:  Postal inspector reviews annuity withdrawal request packet from Roper that is fraudulent, from Joe Caronna's office

2:12:pm:  Docs introduced earlier now submitted into evidence are several annuity checks that were deposited into Joe Caronna bank acct

2:06pm:  Several documents introduced in earlier trial testimony entered into evidence, most from Joe Caronna office

2:00pm:  Inspector Terry reviews Regions Bank document showing deposits of $14,336, $15,335 signed by Joe Caronna into his bank

1:53pm:  USPS inspector Terry: known about Joe Caronna since 2004, noticed pattern of fraud in talking with Caronna's clients

1:48pm:  After a verification of policy number in defense cross, Wells excused; next witness Thomas Terry retired postal inspector

1:38pm:  Wells testifies 2 annual statements issued by Allianz has major discrepancies, no policy numbers, dates, cash and yields

1:30pm:  Next up, Laurie Ann Wells, Allianz investigator testifies asked to investigate client Joe Caronna

1:28pm:  In defense cross Jones testifies these are copies of original docs marked as evidence, witness then excused

1:24pm:  Jones testifies annual statement has whited out box, numbers don't add up, diff font, part 1 of 2, we don't have 2 part docs

1:21pm:  Jones shows another Roper doc was to be dated Feb 8 2006, instead backdated Jan 20 2006, whited out, diff font types

1:17pm:  Jones testifies her client Roper contacted her about statements he got from Joe Caronna appeared to be doctored

1:11pm:  Jones testifies her client Roper contacted her about statements he got from Joe Caronna appeared to be doctored

1:09pm:  Court back from lunch recess, jury files in, prosecution calls Lisa Jones investigator with Lincoln Financial

11:51am:  After quick cross with Vanielli, court stands in lunch recess until 1pm

11:45am:  Vanielli testifies in call late Feb 2009 Joe Caronna on call told her he was in St Louis for funeral, last time she saw him

11:43am:  In late Feb 2009 Vanielli recalls seeing Joe Caronna pacing back, forth at Kellen Insurance, says Bartlett PD wants to talk

11:35am:  Vanielli testifies while at house Oct 27 2008 she smelled bleach, Joe says he broke something

11:32am:  Vanelli recalls Oct 26 2008 after work Oct 27 2008 consoles Joe Caronna. He says I didn't kill Tina

11:28am:  Vanelli admits under oath having affair with Joe Caronna in 2002, says Joe and Tina not having sex, marital problems

11:25am:  Prosecution calls Janet Vanelli personal insurance agent to witness stand, dealt with Joe Caronna with car insurance needs

11:21am:  In defense cross FBI agent testifies doesn't know where exactly calls were placed, ie street, just general area between towers

11:08am:  In defense cross FBI agent testifies 2 Oct 25 2008 noon calls 12:21, 12:22 pm were some 43 sec apart

10:50am:  Court in 10 min recess, afterward defense will ? special agent

10:47am:  FBI agent: cell in ? had 2 calls within 60 sec of each other in noon hour Oct 25 2008 between 2 cell towers near crime scene

10:31am:  In prosecution redirect, FBI agent testifies looking into cell history GPS of 901 area code cell from Oct 24-25 2008

10:27am:  After establishing Eichert as expert in cellular history for 5 years, defense probes deeper into tech background

10:21am:  After 10 min recess, prosecution calls Scott Eichert, special agent FBI working with cell phones, tracking cell phones

10:03am:  In defense cross Bruce Black testifies he had call with Tina Caronna in 2001-02 informing him of Joe and Becky affair

9:58am:  Bruce Black with attorney at Delta Fair 2006-07, sees Joe and Tina, confronts them about where investment $$ is

9:55am:  In defense cross Bruce Black testifies he had suspicion since 2001-02 of Joe Caronna having affair with his wife Becky

9:52am:  In defense cross Bruce Black testifies he has known Joe Caronna since 1991, in Indianapolis; Joe says he sold Bruce something

9:48am:  Bruce Black testifies some time later didn't see investment $$, contacted an attorney

9:41am:  Bruce Black: wrote $25k to Caronna investments for 1YO grandson for annuity, got a handmade certificate from Joe to give him

9:35am:  Bruce Black testifies he, his wife, Caronnas went on cruises, Horseshoe Casino many times; invested annuities with Joe

9:30am:  After jurors filed in, called back to stand Bruce Black, retailer who knew Tina Caronna, Joe Caronna thru church

9:26am:  Prosecution, defense debate witnesses not discussing, watching trial coverage on web; both Blacks off stand, awaiting jurors

9:23am:  Becky Black testifies to defense she has read @myfoxmemphis trial tweets, but only Wed, Thurs; read about Det Martin, 1 other

9:19am:  After Bruce is excused, Becky Black on stand, defense asks if she is owner of twitter account. Yes I do, my daughter set it up

9:13am:  On stand is Bruce Black, husband of Becky Black; defense asking him of twitter handle, if he's been reading about trial

9:09am:  Joe Caronna wearing white collared shirt, grey sweater similar to green from Sat, and grey slacks

9:05am:  Good morning and welcome to Day 5 of testimony in Joe Caronna murder trial, court now in session

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