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Caronna Trial Blog-Day 4

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

Day 4 of the Caronna Murder Trial is in the books. Below is Friday's blog for up to the minute details of the trial.


5:37pm: #FOX13News @myfoxmemphis will be back in court Saturday for #caronnatrial. Tweet with you then ...

5:35pm: Dr Chancellor excused from witness stand, court stands in recess until 9am Saturday

5:30pm: Defense focusing questioning on types of strangulation, with bags, hands and effects with Dr Chancellor

5:22pm: Under defense cross Dr Chancellor testifies no finger abrasions found on Tina Caronna's neck during autopsy

5:18pm: Defense cross focusing on livor-mortis of Tina Caronna body during Oct 28 2008 autopsy with Dr Chancellor

5:07pm:  After showing jury many autopsy photos, Dr Chancellor testifies Tina Caronna died of asphyxiation as result of her examination

5:02pm:  Noted like Thurs testimony of autopsy photos shown to jury, Clara Murphy and Tina's son not present in courtroom now

4:56pm:  Jury shown 2 photos of Tina Caronna's right hand from autopsy that is duct taped

4:53pm:  Jury now shown upper torso autopsy photo of front side Tina Caronna, duct tape around hair, mouth neck post-mortem

4:49pm:  Autopsy photo upper torso backside of Tina Caronna on display for jury, dr pointing out bruises, floormat pattern on her back

4:39pm:  Dr Chancellor performed Tina Caronna autopsy Oct 27 2008, says Tina was in state of decomposition, noticed several bruises

4:34pm:  Next for prosecution is Dr Karen Chancellor, forensic pathologist physician who performs autopsies

4:30pm:  Agent Nelson testifies she did not DNA test Tina Coronna's 2 rings, earrings tho you can get DNA off ring surface

4:22pm:  TBI Agent Nelson testifies DNA samples provided for her Nov 2009 analysis did not match Becky Black

4:06pm:  TBI Agent Nelson testifies she tested DNA varying samples of Tina and Joe Caronna as well as Becky Black

4:02pm:  Prosecution calls Donna Nelson, forensic scientist with TBI, who examines DNA, fluids

4:01pm:  Defense quickly cross examines Dunlap, testifies he wad with floormats while ME examined them, witness excused

3:56pm:  Dunlap has gloves on examining Avalanche floormats front driver, passenger, entered into evidence

3:52pm:  Dunlap photographed inside of Joe Caronna's Chevy Avalanche floormats Sept 21 2012

3:50pm:  #caronnatrial called back in session, next prosecution witness George Dunlap, Shelby Co District Attorney criminal investigator

3:20pm:  No further prosecution redirect ? for McKnight , court put in 10-15 min recess

3:18pm:  No further questions for McKnight, prosecution allowed redirect follow-up keying calls on Oct 25 2008

3:16pm:  Defense reviewing various cell phone records from Oct 25 2008 with McKnight, keying upon certain calls placed

3:09pm:  McKnight first name corrected for record as Patrice instead Therese #caronnatrial, defense now questioning McKnight

3:07pm:  McKnight testifies Joe Caronna called Tina Caronna personal cell at 1612 and 1644, both lasting avg 60 sec, also her work cell at 1734

3:03pm:  Prosecution asks McKnight if Joe Caronna called Tina Caronna personal cell Oct 25 2008, when, how many times

2:57pm:  Tina Caronna personal cell records are from Oct 23-28 2008, entered into evidence, including cell phone towers

2:55pm:  McKnight also has Joe Caronna cell phone records entered into evidence dating Oct 24 2008 8am to Oct 26 2008

2:52pm:  Tina Caronna personal cell detailed record list legend from Verizon entered into exhibit

2:51pm:  McKnight also has Joe Caronna cell phone records entered into evidence dating Oct 24 2008 8am to Oct 26 2008 2337

2:50pm:  Tina Caronna personal cell detailed record list legend from Verizon entered into exhibit

2:47pm:  McKnight has personal cell records of Tina Carrona, detail in and out, duration of calls, who initiated calls etcetera

2:44pm:  McKnight reciting several cell, business, landline phone numbers, including Joe and Tina Caronna phone lines

2:42pm:  Called to stand Therese McKnight, Verizon cell phone specialist

2:39pm:  Jury back and prosecution redirect Det Martin, asked him about Joe Caronna showing jewelry box. Nothing further

2:37pm:  Defense has danced close to the line but not over it, judge says. Awaiting jury return

2:31pm:  Counsel debating relevance of hearsay comments while jury is excused for break, defense believes BPD botched investigation

2:28pm:  No further questions your honor, Det Martin now redirect by prosecution, jury excused for break, court still in session

2:25pm:  Det Martin testifies Joe Caronna didn't admit to anything when Becky Black wore recording device

2:15pm:  Det Martin testifies BOLO does not go out to all agencies, Joe Caronna soon files missing persons report Oct 26 2008

2:14pm:  Det Martin testifies Becky Black was a suspect at first, for about a week

2:13pm:  Det Martin testifies detaining Jeff Cox in woods, Cox says he was working on theory connected to Henrietta St

2:04pm:  Det Martin testifies there was no need to search Caronna house in days after Tina body was discovered, many friends visited

1:57pm:  Defense starts questioning Det Martin about interviewing Joe Caronna in arrest interview March 2009

1:53pm:  Gallery allowed back into courtroom, Joe Caronna arrives, waiting for jury to file in. Court is back is session #caronnatrial, jury now sat

1:47pm:  Back from lunch recess in #caronnatrial, Det Martin sitting in witness box, judge has not called it back into session, no jury or defendant

12:18pm:  Judge Ward calls trial into lunch recess until 1:30pm

12:17pm:  Defense questions Det Martin on his expertise in DNA, collection, why he didn't swab rings for DNA

12:10pm:  Det Martin testifies Tina Caronna's clothes were taken to TBI for DNA processing, but not rings on her fingers

12:05pm:  Defense reviews BPD footage from Oct 28 2008 meeting about Todd's questionable friends, typical 20 year old kid

12:12pm:  Jury reviewing clip of BPD footage from Oct 28 2008 of meeting with Det Martin, Det Owens, Joe Caronna, brother and bro in law

12:05pm:  Oct 28 2008 meeting with Det Martin, Caronna bros and Dana Smith, Joe appeared tired, hadn't had slept in while

11:59am:  Det Martin testifies under cross they returned tables, coolers to corvette club; didn't include them as evidence

11:50am:  Det Martin testifies Becky Black's knees buckled when they stopped by because her name came up assoc with Joe Caronna

11:48am:  Det Martin testifies meeting Becky Black on Halloween 2008, same day as Tina Caronna viewing

11:43am:  Judge advises Det Martin, then allows jury back in and defense continues cross of Det Martin back

11:41am:  Defense asked what q & a were discussed during break with Det Martin and prosecution during break, he answers

11:37am:  Defense questioning why Det Martin stayed in courtroom during recess, why he talked to prosecution while under oath not to talk during break

11:34am:  Court back in session after 10 min recess, more like 25 min

11:06am:  Moments after latest bench meeting with judge, jury excused and trial called into 10 min recess

11:04am:  Several time since session started, counsel both sides have approached bench to talk with judge while Det Martin on stand

10:53am:  Defense showing several BPD witness statement documents to Det Martin that were used in Tina Caronna investigation

10:45am:  Counsel approach bench about Tina Caronna cell phone number outgoing dated 1736 during cross examine of Det Martin

10:41am:  Defense submits into evidence Bartlett PD crime log Oct 27 2008

10:29am:  Det Martin testifies wanted to preserve evidence, working on search warrant instead of letting Joe open truck with extra keys

10:26am:  Defense questions why Det Martin didn't call fire dept after truck doors locked with someone inside

10:21am:  Defense now questioning cross examining Det Martin

10:20am:  Tho prosecution ended ? with Martin, still have few ? to ask him, judge grants; evidence submission 7 page Black letter to BPD

10:16am:  #caronnatrial called back in session after short recess; defendant walks in looks and nods at his brother in gallery

10:00am:  Court in 10 min recess after prosecution end line of ? with Det Martin, defense expected to cross examine after break

9:56am:  When asked about Becky Black and phone transcript with Caronna, Joe Caronna told Martin he didn't want to talk about it

9:52am:  Det Martin testifies they read Joe Caronna his rights, then formally charged him when back at BPD after ride from Jackson TN

9:50am:  Det Martin testifies they arrested Joe Caronna in Jackson, BPD and defendant didn't speak during 1 hr ride back to BPD

9:46am:  Det Martin testifies receiving tip that Joe Caronna was in Jackson TN, worked with US Marshals to find defendant

9:44am:  When warrant for arrest issued, Joe Caronna was unavailable by phone when contacted by Det Martin, corvette club called too

9:44am:  Det Martin testifies being in contact with Joe Caronna 3x in weeks, months after Tina Caronna passing, was cooperative

9:37am:  Det Martin testifies they investigate, talk with Becky Black in weeks, months after Tina Caronna's homicide

9:35am:  Det Martin testifies Caronna investigation in 2009, contacted feds due to investment irregularities

9:32am: Det Martin testifies his staff started looking at Joe Caronna more closely in wake of Tina's homicide

9:30am:  #FOX13News live tweeting day 3 of #caronnatrial Joe Caronna murder trial, Det Martin back on stand

9:28am:  Court back in session, Det Martin back on stand to testify on Lowes parking lot where avalanche, corvette parked Oct 24 2008

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