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Caronna Trial Blog - Day 3

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Thank you for following FOX13 to up to the minute updates on the Caronna trial.  Join us again tomorrow for Day 4.


6:14pm:  Judge Ward says court is ajourned until Friday 9am, Det Martin will continue testimony with prosecution

6:11pm:  Det Martin continues to testify in #caronnatrial, says they interviewed Becky Black who was en route to Tina Caronna viewing

5:45pm:  Det Martin testifies he didn't think robbery was motive for Tina Caronna murder, $30k of rings still on her body in truck

5:40pm:  Det Martin testimony in line with what previous witnesses have mentioned earlier in trial in Tina Caronna disappearance

5:36pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling Joe Caronna wondering where Tina Caronna is at around 4:30p Oct 25 2008 

5:28pm:  Det Martin testifies Joe Caronna believed Tina Caronna left house between 10:50 and noon in Avalanche to run party errands

5:20pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling Joe Caronna talking for last time with Tina Caronna, morning of Oct 25 2008

5:19pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling asking Joe Caronna what he did Oct 25 2008 morning, included fixing cars, motorbike

5:18pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling interview with Joe Caronna, Joe saying Tina was a flashy woman, wore lots of jewelry

5:14pm:  Before processing inside of truck Det Martin goes over Caronna house to retrieve Avalanche keys, in testimony

5:12pm:  Det Martin testifies going out to Brannick after his officers detained witness Jeff Cox, who was searching the woods 

5:10pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling alt light source used, finding smudges. Talks about collecting DNA evidence

5:09pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling taking pix for evidence of body that was wedged into floorboard of truck 

5:08pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling seeing inside of truck when police processed it, towel-wrapped body in back passenger cab

5:06pm:  Det Martin testifies recalling BPD, Memphis PD, Shelby Co med examiners and Sean Lester examining truck evidence

5:03pm:  Det Martin testifies truck had OnStar but truck could not be opened; truck was transported to BPD into 'tunnel'

5:00pm:  Det Martin recalls banging on truck windows, but no response; said truck doors were locked

4:57pm:  Det Martin testifies initial stages after Bartlett PD finding truck on Brannick, peered in window and saw female leg

4:54pm:  Detective Martin testifying recognizing photos of crime scene where Avalanche was found by Bartlett PD #caronnatrial

4:51pm:  Officer Martin testifies he was assigned to Tina Caronna murder case

4:48pm:  Bartlett PD Kevin Martin called to witness stand for prosecution#caronnatrial, describing investigative history with force

4:45pm:  #caronnatrial back from 10 min or so recess, more like 20; next witness set to be called, was going to take stand before recess called.

4:25pm:  Clara Murphy reenters courtroom after photo evidence of Tina put away

4:23pm:  Clara Murphy Tina Caronna's mom not in courtroom when graphic photos of her daughter entered into evidence

4:20pm:  Lester testifies to defense when he arrived at evidence garage at Bartlett PD, then is excused from witness stand

4:14pm:  Defense cross examining Lester, asking him how he recalled documenting truck with female body in rear

4:08pm:  Evidence photo of Tina Caronna post mortem showed to jury; extreme signs of decomposition

4:03pm:  Lester desribes how Tina Coronna body in back of truck, how police removed her body onto wbite sheet, body bag

3:59pm:  Lester currently testifying recognizing photos of female body wrapped in towels, position of body in graphic detail

3:54pm:  Lester confirms evidence photo taken outside truck looking in rear windows shows head partially exposed in towels

3:51pm:  Lester testifies photo taken outside of truck of female body covered in 2 beach towels, leg exposed

3:47pm:  Lester testifies passenger front side of truck had bottle of lotio, book, tissues on floorboard

3:45pm:  Lestwr testifies pair of women's shoes were inside truck in front of cab driver's side near pedals

3:43pm:  Lester confirms viewing photo of Avalanche truck bed that had 2 blue coolers and white tables in bed

3:42pm:  Lester called by Bartlett PD to help in investigation of black 2005 Chevy Avalanche that had Tina inside

3:40pm:  #caronnatrial back from 10 min or so recess, next witness Sean Lester West Tennessee regional forensic center #caronnatrial

3:05pm:  Defense ends questioning Gary Hathaway about his memory use, definition of 'closure' judge calls 10 min recess

2:55pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies to defense prelim testimony he gave in 2009 slighly different what he recounting today

2:42pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies he, wife Joe and Tina were to ride in Chevelle to party, but car was swapped for red 1980 corvette

2:37pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies Joe Caronna said in call to someone 'no need to send flowers' after seeing Tina's dead body on table

2:34pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies hearing Joe Caronna on phone call after seeing Tina's dead body 'I have closure now'

2:30pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies finds it interesting red Corvette is outside in driveway overnight at Caronna house instead in storage

2:27pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies he finds it interesting Tina's body found stones throw from their custom car garages

2:25pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies Summer and Elmore location where custom car storage garages are Gary and Joe have

2:23pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies after hearing truck found on street, didn't heard of street b4 but recogized Summer and Elmore

2:20pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies Joe Caronna hesitant to aporoach media about missing wife Tina hours after she vanished

2:18pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies he is Joe's alabi when others say they will look at Joe being a suspect

2:15pm:  Gary Hathaway says Joe Caronna big burly but at Barlett PD he appeared meek when they confirmed BPD made BOLO on Tina

2:12pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies they searched at hospitals, stores she went to for Tina night she never appeared at party Oct 25 2008

2:10pm:  Gary Hathaway testifies after Tina never showed at party, they join Joe and spend 5-6 hours searching for Tina at stores

2:06pm:  Gary Hathaway recalls receiving another call from Joe while at Corvette party; Gary says Tina had not appeared at party yet

2:04pm:  After Joe leaves Gary's house, he calls Gary asking if he heard from Tina, Gary and wife ends up going to party around 5pm

2:02pm:  While Joe Caronna at Gary Hathaway house to fix Chevelle, said Joe called Tina's cell 2x but she didn't answer

2:00pm:  Gary Hathaway recalls phone call with Joe Caronna, Joe seemed excited and panting, huffing 3x end of call

1:58pm:  Gary Hathaway recalls phone call with Joe Caronna Oct 25 2008 day Tina vanished, to work on Chevelle transmission cable

1:55pm:  Gary Hathaway places pictures of Joe Caronna's vehicles on map to show jurors, similar to Wed testimony

1:53pm:  Gary Hathaway confirms map of Caronna property aerial view, and storage garages some 7 miles away

1:49pm:  Joe Caronna's vehicle list on display for jurors on screen, Gary Hathaway tells where cars were kept, stored at home, storage

1:43pm:  Gary Hathaway confirms Joe Caronna owned 9 custom cars, personal cars, motorbike at time of Tina's death Oct 2008

1:41pm:  Gary Hathaway says he and defendant are custom car afficianados, advised Joe to invest in custom corvettes, porsches

1:38am:  Gary Hathaway married to Patricia Hathaway, member of corvette club and FedEx Express pilot and Caronna friend

1:35pm:  Jury filing back in, judge calls trial back in session, next prosecution witness Gary Hathaway

1:31pm:  Joe Caronna has re-entered courtroom holding a pen and pad of paper

12:27pm:  Lunch recess in #caronnatrial is over and we are about to hear new testinony

12:47pm:  Panis in testimony found odd that Avalanche she saw Oct 25, had not moved when she she looked closer Oct 27; notified BPD

12:45pm:  Panis testified she didn't think to look at truck Oct 25, 2008 because people leave vehicles on her street all the time

12:43pm:  Testimony of Amanda Panis reveals she lives on street where Tina Caronna's truck was found; she saw truck Sat Oct 25 2008

12:14pm:  Defense ends questioning Officer Justice, no redirect. #caronnatrial to be in lunch recess until 1:15pm

12:11pm:  Officer Justice does recall being near crime scene when truck discovered but didn't cross tape

12:08pm:  Ofr Justice testifies he was confused, didn't know time because he didn't carry watch. Joe said Tina left 10:30-11:30am or so

12:04pm:  Officer Justice recalls 10-15 bruises on Joe Caronna's arms when they first met, bluish in color

12:02pm:  Officer Justice confirms Joe Caronna was at Tina's firm searching for phone numbers when she first called him

12:00pm:  Defense now questioning Officer Justice #caronnatrial says she has worked on some 400 homicides since Oct 27 2008

1:57am:  Officer Justice says defendant became angry, upset after Tina's body was discovered in truck. Heard some kind of glass break

11:55am:  Officer Justice testifies defendant telling her that Tina drove his Avalanche to get condiments, liquor for Corvette party

11:52am:  Homicide Officer Justice recalls Joe Caronna sweating profusely, having bruise marks on arms

11:50am:  Justice recalls calling Joe Caronna after truck was found, talks about his demeanor when she met Joe toand get info

11:47am:  Called to stand is Memphis police homicide dectective Justice after former Bartlett PD officer is excused

11:46am:  Former Bartlett PD officer on stand recalling she looked in drivers side of Avalanche

11:40am:  Former Bartlett PD officer recalling Avalanche was approx 50 feet from street close to curb

11:25am:  Former Bartlett officer on stand recalls securing Avalanche truck, noticing what was inside at time of discovery

11:24am:  Former Bartlett PD officer Theresa Brignole (sp) on stand after Amanda Panis excused

11:18am:  Former Bartlettstation police officer Theresapoc Brignole called to witness stand after Amanda Panis excused

11:16am:  Amanda Panis testifies she saw a black truck the Avalanche at end of her street Saturday

11:07am:  Amanda Panis recalling events late Oct 2008 and a man coming out of the woods Oct 25

11:04am:  Court called back in session #caronnatrial, called to stand Amanda Panis

10:50am:  Prosecution done redirection of Jeff Cox, court in 5 min recess to reset

10:55am:  Defense no further questions for Cox, prosecution to redirect with Cox asking 2009 transcripts jostle his recollection

10:43am:  After watching video from his statements given to BPD in 2009 Jeff Cox admits he doesn't recall about timedate change on video

10:36am:  Judge okays jury to return and to defense to continue questioning Jeff Cox related to March 2009 BPD transcripts

10:34am:  Defense playing certain parts of March 2009 video testimony given by Coxes to BPD, to refresh Jeff Cox memory

10:32am:  Judge Ward unsatisfied of defense playing alot of March 2009 Bartlett PD video but defense trying to jostle Cox memory

10:27am:  Court watching video from Bartlett PD in March 2009 of Cox statements to help Jeff recall what he said

10:23am:  After counsel approach bench, jury asked to leave while March 2009 testimony by Coxes recorded by Bartlett PD shown in court

10:21am:  Defense grilling witness Jeff Cox on his memory of what Bartlett PD said in 2009 of surveillance camera clock off 1 hour

10:13am:  Jeff Cox testifies he and defendant watched certain parts of surveillance camera footage

10:09am:  In showing Bartlett PD transcript Jeff Cox doesn't recall exactly but agrees what was testified to police in March 200

10:08am:  Jeff Cox testifies remembering Barlett PD they were recording testimony given March 2009, Joe moving Chevelle out of garage

10:04am:  Jeff Cox reviewing March 2009 testimony to Bartlett police on how he remembered defendant moving cars, truck in video

10:01am:  Prosecution no more ? for Jeff Cox, defense cross examine focusing on March 2009, sted misspoke saying March 2008

9:56am:  Jeff Cox testifies drfendant called him back on payphone because his personal cell wasn't working correctly

9:55am:  Jeff Cox testifies he called defendant about police removing cars from house, but call went to voicemail

9:51am:  Jeff Cox testifies he had gun on him at time of Oct 27 search, had gun permit, former Army

9:48am:  Jeff Cox heard voices and discovered couple of Bartlett police detectives while following footsteps in woods

9:46am:  Jeff Cox followed footsteps in woods, grasd through woods where truck wad found at dead end

9:44am:  Jeff Cox was devastated in loss of Tina Caronna; he looked around street where truck was found to investigate

9:44am:  Jeff Cox says wife Cindy called him to tell Cindy's truck had been found; friends gathered to console 1 another as well as Joe

9:42am:  Jeff Cox confirms surveillance camera timedate was 11:02am but never changed to standard time; truck drove off north

9:40am:  Jeff Cox recalls Caronnas owning several cars, including Corvettes, Chevelle, Porsche and Avalanche truck

9:38am:  Jeff Cox points out Joe Caronna wearing lite green shirt, not grey-white

9:35am:  Called to stand Jeff Cox, husband of Cindy Cox; recalling events Oct 26 2008 Sunday anfand surveillance camera

9:33am:  Jury filing into courtroom

9:32am:  Joe Caronna wearing white-grey shirt, patterned tie, brown slacks. 1st pros witness called Jeff Cox, husband of Cindy Cox

9:27am:  #caronnatrial called into session; gallery filing in, awaiting jury and defendant

9:16am:  Defense team has arrived carrying Joe Caronna's shoes and belt, handed them to baliff. Defense asks to speak to Caronna. Oked

9:10am:  B4 session ended Monday Judge Ward said he would like trial to start at 9am; it is 9:07 and defendant, defense, jury not here

9:02am:  Good morning from Judge Ward's courtroom snd day 2 of the Joe and Tina murder trial #caronnatrial, judge has taken the bench


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