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Four years in the making, Caronna Trial begins today

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Opening statements are set to start today in the trial of accused wife killer Joe Caronna.

Yesterday a jury of 12 was seated in Caronna's case. Four years ago this week Tina Caronna's body was found in the couple's truck in Bartlett.

Prosecutors say Caronna killed his wife to keep her from discovering his financial fraud against clients.  They say he was also trying to cover up his financial condition, gambling losses and even an affair.

Fox 13's Les Smith is in the courtroom and will have more for you at 5 and 9.


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5:25pm:  Defense ends questioning Cindy Cox, no redirect. Court adjoured until Thurdsay 9am. 

5:16pm:  'There are some things I remember clearly and some things not as clearly' Cindy Cox Caronna neighbor 

5:14pm:  Defense grilling Cindy Cox on seeing Tina Caronna drive her truck toward stop sign. Most of the time Cindy said  

5:09pm:  Video of 2010 Cindy Cox testimony turned off, awaiting jurors to return to courtroom  

5:07pm:  Cindy Cox tells defense that each time she saw Tina Caronna in truck, she stopped at stop sign majority of the time  

5:04pm:  Defense reviewing May 2010 bond testimony with police. 'If it's on the video, in the transcript it must be said. I just can't remember it'

5:01pm:  Defense trying to jiggle Cindy Cox's memory from May 2010 bond testimony. 'If it's in there, it's in there'

4:44pm:  Jury has been requested to step out per a legal matter defense counsel has brought up per Cindy Cox's 2010 testimony

4:50pm:  Defense is reviewing bond testimony hearing with Cindy Cox in May 2010 to see if she renembers

4:46pm:  Cindy Cox's husband was apart of Memphis PD at time of Tina Coronna's disappearance she tellshad defense

4:44pm:  In defense cross Cindy Cox admits she didn't watch entire surveillance camera video

4:42pm:  Cindy Cox didn't tell police about video she had of truck because police didn't ? her, but she did tell police in March 2009

4:36pm:  Cindy Cox says she reviewed surveillance camera footage and it showed Avalanche moving out of Caronna's house

4:33pm:  Cindy Cox says Joe moved cars around at house, backed Avalanche truck into garage and closed garage

4:28pm:  Cindy Cox testifies her house has surveillance camera perched uptop house, looks at Caronna's house, street

4:26pm:  Cindy Cox recalls talking with Joe Caronna after Tina vanished, she was to go to Sam's, Costco, Lane Bryant and Shoe Carnival

4:22pm:  Cindy Cox shows jurors blown up picture of her neighborhood where she lived near Caronnas

4:20pm:  Prosecution calls Cindy Cox to witness stand, neighbor of the Caronnas. She used to walk with Tina in mornings.

4:13pm:  Before next witness for prosecution counsel seeking ruling on hearsay comments between witness and Tina early Oct 2008

4:07pm:  It is 4:07pm and  #caronnatrial called back into session after 10 min recess. Awaiting jurors to file back into courtroom.

4:03pm:  Of the 16 jurors seated for  12 are women and of varying age.

4:00pm:  Defense ends questioning Struna, no redirect. Judge calls 10 min recess  ...

3:47pm:  Line of defense questioning detailing Corvettes, Chevelles, Porsches, and Avalanche on property, Joe driving cars

3:45pm:  Struna testifes receiving call from Joe Caronna night of Tina's disappearance asking if she had visited his house, seen her

3:43pm:  Struna testifies Joe Caronna was distraught in wake of Tina's disappearance, drinking alot of soft drinks, not sleeping

3:40pm:  Struna in defense cross paints picture of Joe Caronna as dedicated, passionate Corvette collector

3:32pm:  In cross examination with defense Struna recalls 4 min call with Tina Caronna around 10:14am after phone tag b4 party

3:26pm:  Struna testifies he recognizes a $15k check written to Caronna and Assoc to Scotrade investments for an annuity

3:21pm:  Struna testifies that he and his wife helped with advice to Joe Caronna to find a girlfriend after Tina had died

3:19pm:  Struna helped Joe Caronna get into grief counseling at their church after Tina's passing

3:17pm:  After test driving Dodge Challenger Struna testifies Joe Caronna bought orange new model Challenger after Tina passed

3:14pm:  Struna recalls trying to console grieving Joe Caronna by talking about test driving Dodge Challengers

3:12pm:  Struna doesn't know where to place Avalanche because SUV was not parked around Caronna house Sunday day after Tina vanished

3:09pm:  Struna demonstrates, shows placement of various Corvettes, cars parked at house to jury on Sunday day after Tina disappeared

3:02pm:  Struna says 40-50 club friends were there at start of Oct 26 2008 party but Tina with drinks was not. Joe wasn't at party

2:59:  Struna said Tina was never late to a corvette club function. 'When she had it, she had it'

2:57pm:  Struna testifies Caronnas had 3 corvettes in their possession and were members of corvette club

2:55pm:  Struna testifies Tina Caronna was then newly elected corvette club prez b4 Oct 25 2008 progressive dinner, was can do person

2:53pm:  Matthew Struna FedEx pilot USAF vet from Fayette Co now called to testify for prosecution in

2:51pm:  Defense finished with Locke, no prosecution redirect

2:49pm:  Defense asks Locke if Tina was smart but dumb when it came to spending $$$; said she gambled with Joe at casinos

2:44pm:  Locke testifies that 'Joe-Joe' Caronna removed wedding ring after Tina's body was found

2:42pm:  Locke testifies she thought Tina and Joe' marriage was ok, said sometimes Joe didn't wear his wedding ring from time 2 time

2:37pm:  Locke confirms in testimony Joe Caronna's distressed state in wake of Tina's disappearance, not eating, sleeping

2:36pm:  Locke confirms that Tina used to shop with large sums of $$ unlike friends paying for stuff with plastic

2:33pm:  Locke testifies smell of bleach was likely from Tina cleaning out coolers because they were 'nasty'

2:31pm:  Counsel for both sides approach bench for lengthy conversation, after defense asks Locke of Tina's relationship with dad

2:23pm:  Locke testifies Tina Caronna had bumpy relationship with her mom Clara Murphy, recalls prev testimony to police

2:21pm:  Prosecution done questioning Locke, defense asks if she recalls being interviewed by Bartlett police after Tina body found

2:16pm:  After weekend searching with friends Locke goes over to Caronna house after calls saying Tina's truck was found

2:13pm:  Patti Locke recalls calling Billy Garrett (sp) that she knew Tina did not run away

2:11pm:  Locke says initial search for Tina Caronna unsuccessful as friends canvassed neighborhood, putting up flyers

2:09pm:  Locke recalls seeing Tina's make up back on vanity in Caronna house bedroom bathroom

2:07pm:  Locke recalls search plans and Hathaway making flyers and searching for Tina

2:05pm:  Patti Locke points out Tina wore engagemrnt ring but not really wedding ring, and contemporary ring

2:03pm:  Patti, husband notified Saturday at band competition on cell from friendsthe of Tina's disappearance

2:00pm:  Patti Locke said she could not attend party because of band competition with daughter

1:59pm:  Patti recalls talking to Tina who was picking up coolers, tables for corvette dinner next night

1:56pm:  Patti Locke remembers calling Tina on cell Friday day before Corvette club progressive event Oct 2008. Patti could not attend Sat event.

1:54pm:  Patti Locke and husband friends of Caronnas, took trips together once to Mexico. Describes monthly corvette club meets

1:52pm:  As jury enters box called to testify in is Patti Locke, friend 10 years of Caronnas and corvette club

1:50pm:  Defense talking with judge about lengthy video recorded somr time ago. Video is transcripted but 2.5 hours long.

1:48pm:  Accused killer Joe Caronna enters courtroom wearing blue shirt, grey slacks and tie. Awating jurors to file in

1:39pm: Appears defense is setting up a video that will be used soon in testimony in

1:36pm:  It is 1:35pm and Judge Ward calls back in session. Awaiting jurors, defendant to appear.

12:30pm:  Before lunch recess Doug Turner testifies to defense he saw duct tape fall out of truck, not gray but brown duct tape

12:29pm:  After quick defense cross of Doug Turner, Judge Ward calls recess in until 1:30pm.

12:27pm:  Defense now cross examines Doug Turner

12:24pm:  Saturday Oct 2008 of corvette progressive dinner Doug Turner testifies to prosecutionto didn't see Tina

12:21pm:  Douglas Turner recalls prep for corvette club progressive dinner Oct 2008 and seeing Tina earlier in day at club

12:20pm:  Called to stand is Douglas Turner by prosecution, Caronna friend at corvette club

12:14pm:  #caronnatrial called back into session after 10 minute recess

12:03pm:  Judge Ward puts #caronnatrial in 10 minute recess after defense ends Hathaway cross. Lunch break recess expected.

11:58am:  Harhaway un cross with defense said she didn't keep in touch with Joe after Tina's body was discovered.

11:56am:  Hathaway confirms Joe was stronger friend of her husband and like of owning corvettes with her husband #caronnatrial

11:52am:  Defense cross with Hathaway says Joe didn't call police since corvette club member who was policeman called

11:50am:  Defense is trying to put in play reason why Joe didn't call police after Tina disappeared

11:44am:  Joe Caronna joined in search for Tina. Pat Hathaway friend corvette club stated she made missing persons flyers

11:41am:  Prosecution's witnesses in #caronnatrial were close friends of late Tina Caronna. Defense trying to disprove in cross- examination.

11:36am:  Pat Hathaway testifies to prosecutors in #caronnatrial she smelled strong smell of bleach when entered Caronna house.

11:34am:  Defense attorney Rusty White constantly objected to Pat Hathaway testimony due ti 'hearsay'

11:30am:  Clara Murphy Tina Caronna's mom testifies Joe was a 'control freak' that she had to tolerate him.

11:28am:  Before #caronnatrial started many seated in courtroom wearing purple ribbons ordered to remove them after objection by defense atty.

11:25am:  First witness to testify in #caronnatrial was Clara Murphy, mother of Tina Caronna.

11:24am:  #caronnatrial opening statements Tina Caronna was seen driving away by herself and never seen again

11:21am:  Defense in #caronnatrial will try to prove Joe Caronna didn't call police until 2nd day after Tina Caronna was last seen in Oct 2008.

11:11am:  After 20 minutes of opening statements in #caronnatrial, defense to show cell phone records made by Joe Caronna was at murder scene.

11:12am: tweeting live during #caronnatrialt murder trial in Judge Ward's criminal court room.

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