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RenewYou: 6 recipes from their weight loss program

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These recipes comes courtesy of Dawnmarie Chmiel, from The Guidance Center. For more information on their well-being services, visit their web site at

Pulled Pork Nachos
10 Servings

½             cup Red pepper

½             cup Orange peppers

1              cup Mango

1              Medium red onion

3              T Cilantro

3              T Garlic

1              T Chili Powder

2              T Cumin

tt             Salt and pepper

3              T Troop50 or low sugar Orange juice

2              T Fresh Lime juice

½             Medium Avocado

1              15oz can Black beans rinsed

6oz         Shredded low fat Monterey cheese

6oz         Lean Pork tenderloin

1              Cup of chicken stock or broth

Whole grain tortilla chips

Take lean pork tenderloin, season with 1T Cumin, 3T garlic, and 1T chili powder, rub on tenderloin and let marinade overnight. Then dice peppers, mango, ½ the red onion and mix them with the remaining seasoning.  Then add lime and Orange juice. In a hot pan add have the julienned red onion and the pork tenderloin, sear pork loin and cook onions till translucent, remove. Place in slow cooker with 1 cup chicken stock cover and cook on high for 1 hour and then turn down to low and cook for 6-8 hours till pork falls apart. Then remove let cool for 10 min then shred the pork.  Then arrange ½ the nacho chips on a sheet tray layer with cheese, pork, and beans, repeat till all ingredients is used. Put in boiler till cheese is golden brown 1-2 min. Top with salsa and avocado.


Calories:253, Total Fat 10g, Carbohydrate 11g, Protein 11g, Fiber 6g,  Cholesterol 19g, Mono 2g, poly 4g


Chimichurri Quinoa
Chimichurri Sauce:

1      cup firmly packed fresh flat-leaf parsley, trimmed of thick stems

4      garlic cloves

2      T fresh oregano leaves (can sub 2 teaspoons dried oregano)

½     cup olive oil

2      T red or white wine vinegar

1      t sea salt

¼     t freshly ground black pepper

¼   t red pepper flakes

Finely chop the parsley, fresh oregano, and garlic (or process in a food processor several pulses). Place in a small bowl. Stir in the olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Adjust seasonings. Set aside.


1      cup uncooked quinoa

2      cups vegetable broth

½     T olive oil

tt     salt and pepper

Heat a saucepan over medium heat; add oil and then quinoa, toast, stirring occasionally, until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Stir in broth, and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover, and cook for 15 minutes, or until quinoa is tender. When quinoa is cooked, add Chimichurri Sauce, mix well and serve.


Calories 229 , Protein 4g, Fat 16g, Mono 11g, Poly 1.4g, CHO 1.4g, Fiber 3 g, Na 327



DMC's Healthy Southwestern Dip

  • 1- 16oz can of vegetarian refried beans ( spicy if you can get them)
  • 15oz can Black Beans rinsed
  • 4 ea  Scallion
  • ½ cup Prepared Salsa
  • 2t Cumin
  • 2t Chili Powder
  • ¼ cup green chillis
  • 1 cup part skim Shredded Monterey Jack or Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 cup of not fat Greek  yogurt
  • 1 ½ cup of shredded romaine
  • 1 medium tomato chopped
  • 1 sm Red onion chopped
  • 1 medium Avocado sliced
  • ¼ cup of black olives sliced
  • 1 pkg of meat-less crumbles



Mix meatless crumbles and 1t cumin, 1 t chili powder. Then mix all beans, rest of seasoning, scallions, jalapenos and salsa. Layer bean mixture in container 1st then the meat mixture top with ½ cheese cook till bubbly. Mix yogurt till creamy, then when bean mixture is done remove from oven, layer with yogurt  mixture  and then top with remaining ingredients. 

Nutrition: 7 chips and ½ cup of dip
210 calories, 6g fat, 24g protein, 9g fiber, 420 sodium, cholesterol 7g


Baja Shrimp Taco's with Fruit Salsa and Avocado Spread
Serves 4:

1 # large shrimp; peeled, deveined and cut in half.

1 T Chili powder

1 Garlic clove minced

1 T Lime juice

tt salt and pepper

Mix altogether marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour.


¼  red pepper minced

¼  yellow pepper minced

¼  red onion minced

1 steam of green onion thinly sliced

½ cup small diced papaya

½ cup small diced pineapple

¼ cup of chopped parsley

2 T rice wine vinegar

tt salt and pepper

Mix all together in a bowl and refrigerate.

Avocado Spread:

1 medium avocado mashed

1 T lime juice

tt salt and pepper

Mix all together and refrigerate

8 6-inch whole wheat tortillas

To assemble; sauté shrimp till cooked. Warm the tortillas then spread avocado spread on tortilla then add hot shrimp and top with salsa.

Nutrition: Calories: 347g, Total Fat: 11g, Carbs 34g, Protein:28g, Fiber 8g, Na: 571g, Chol: 172g,        Mono: 4.5 g, Poly: 1.5



Mexican Chicken Lettuce Boats
Makes 4- 2 boats each:
Grilled Chicken Breast:

8oz  Skinless boneless chicken breast

1T    Canola oil

1T    Chili powder

1 T   Cumin

s/p   To taste

  1. Season chicken breast, let sit for at least 3 hours or overnight. Grill chicken till it is completely cooked. Remove from heat cool and dices into medium-large dice. Drain beans and set aside, and make couscous mixture.

Spicy Couscous Mixture:

1     cup Whole wheat couscous

1.5 cups hot vegetable stock or broth

2    Cloves of chopped garlic

1    cup of fresh or frozen corn

1    Small red onion, small dice

1    Bunch of chopped cilantro

1     Jalapeno seeds, steam removed and minced

2    Tablespoons of olive oil

½    Can of Black Beans

½    Can of pinto beans

3T   Lime Juice

  1. Heat vegetable stock to a boil and then set aside, in a pan sauté onions, garlic and jalapenos till onions become translucent. Then stir in couscous and toast then add vegetable stock, stir and remove from heat and cover. When couscous is done cooking add cooked diced chicken breast, and beans stir till combine, and then add lime juice, s/p to taste and cilantro. 

8    Bibb or romaine leaves

  1. Serve inside in the lettuce vehicles.


Nutrition: Calories: 199, Fat 8g, mono 5g, Poly 1.5g, Protein 16g, fiber 4g, Carbohydrate 17g, Na 261


Spicy Beef Brisket Taco's
Serves 8:
Spicy coleslaw:

2              cups of broccoli slaw

2              Radishes julienne fine

1              cups of chopped cilantro

½             cup of chopped parsley

½             cup of red wine vinegar

3 T          lime Juice

1              jalapeno minced, free of seeds and stems

1 T          Olive oil

Mix Vinegar, olive oil and lime juice in a bowl, set aside. In another bowl take all other ingredients and mix well add vinegar mixture incorporating well let sit refrigerated overnight.

Beef Brisket:

3#           Beef brisket

1              large Vidalia onion, Julianne

3              Garlic cloves, minced

1              can diced or crushed tomatoes drained

½             cup beef stock

2              T red wine

1              t coriander

1              T Cumin

1              t red pepper flake

tt             salt and pepper               

16           6-inch corn tortillas       

Next rub beef brisket with all spices, and garlic. Marinade beef, overnight in refrigerator. Next day sear beef brisket in pan, place in slow cooker. Then sauté onions till tender then add tomatoes and red wine to deglaze pan. Add onion-tomato mixture over the beef then add beef stock. Cover and set crock pot at high for 1 hour then place at low for 7-8 hours till beef is falling apart. 

Place beef in tortilla and top with spicy slaw!


Calories: 394, Total Fat 10g, Carbs 32g, Protein 40g, Fiber 2g, Na 335g, Mono 4g, poly 0.5



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